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About the Book

 A bright and colorful must read, Cowey S.T.O.P.s the Bully is a educational journey about “Cowey”, a first-grader at Farmtown Elementary. First Cowey explains what bullying is, who it happens to and why bullies bully. Next, Cowey tells the story about how she was bullied and teaches a simple, proven, 4 step process (S.T.O.P.) that can rid your school of bullying too. Finally Cowey gives statistics about bullying and how serious it is in schools today. If you are looking for a great book to introduce great behaviors to your child, click the book to get your copy today!  


About the Program


Ask yourself one question... If I could help improve the learning environment and safety of even one child; would I do it? Contact us today to see how YOU CAN!

If the following are important to you:

  • Student Safety
  • Enriching Student Environment
  • Improving Test scores
  • Boosting Attendance 
  • Enhancing Student /Teacher morale

Then partner with Phoenix Training Innovations and bring this live, high energy, educational breakthrough program to your school and start the "S.T.O.P." today!

The Cowey S.T.O.P.s the Bully program and children's book is a highly interactive, educational journey told through the eyes of a fictional character named “Cowey”, a first grader at Farmtown Elementary.

First the program explains bullying in terms that kids can understand; what bullying is, who it happens to and why bullies bully.

Next, is the story of how Cowey was bullied, where we teach a simple, proven and most importantly, a repeatable 4 step process (using the acronym S.T.O.P.) that can rid your school of bullying too.

 If driving test scores, student and teacher morale and attendance levels up while safeguarding student safety and satisfaction is important to you, let me bring this exciting and much needed live program to your school, church, or function.



Cowey is effective because over 200 collective years of child education, child psychology, curriculum development and effective delivery methodology has gone in to creating it.

From development to delivery, The Cowey STOPs the Bully Program has the unique ability to relate to kids of various ages and change the behavior of bullying for good.

Every delivery is conducted by a highly trained and certified team of professionals including Cowey (of course) and the founder and president, Mikeal Morgan. Mikeal is a sought after public speaker, author and trainer. Not to mention a father of 5 children. Developing people of all ages for years, each program is delivered with the passion and enthusiasm that drives the message home in a way that moves children to take positive actions in their lives and the lives of others.

Simply stated, it works because:

  • Experts designed it 
  • Experts deliver it 
  • Kids relate to it 
  • Teaches a simple, repeatable process.

Contact us today and we will even help you get funding for this program!