This book will only take you a few hours to read, but it will change your life forever!

Throughout life, everyone faces challenges, setbacks and temporary failures. Those who learn to rise from these ashes of defeat are the ones who become truly successful.

Author Mikeal R. Morgan clearly articulates the proven principles that have allowed him to rise from a poor, uneducated, depressed youth, to a successful husband, father, sales professional, business leader, motivational speaker and President of Phoenix Training Innovations.

Mikeal has dedicated years to observing, learning and collecting stories from other successful individuals who have also overcome tough challenges and devastating failures, in order to rise renewed by the will, faith, and strength that resides in each of us.

Throughout this book, you will be forced to think and answer tough questions about yourself. Learn to improve, love, and appreciate your life. Learn to rise to success, even from the ashes of defeat, to a smarter, stronger and better you! 


 The Phoenix Philosophy book 

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